Thursday, December 15, 2016

15th December, 2016 Down to the Wire

This morning I got to see my injury in the flesh and the two er...interesting...bits of wire holding my thumb in place. The surgeon has done an incredibly neat job and I am really not in any pain if I don't try to do too much wiggling with it.

In the meantime I am still receiving news of horses that I have worked with past and present and pleased to be able to say that "Dolly is riding out past piggies in the forest." Dolly was introduced to friendly pigs, Otterley and Hiccup, and now rides regularly down what is known as "Pig Alley" at Kerslake where pigs are allowed to be out all year round. My particular favourite is this one.

The Warmblood Quintet belonging to Beccy are now down to two, with two of the foals, Theo and Holly, having gone to our students (honestly, purchasing a foal was not compulsory), and Archie more recently to a super home. Beccy reports: "All 5 foals, now yearlings perfect with headcollars after being shown the 'long strap back left' method & moving up gradually etc. Never looked back & they're all very easy."

...and New Forest Pony, Bear, who had a huge following on here, no longer runs away at the first sign of a vet. "Bear had a vet visit yesterday and going on past experience I was slighty anxious to say the least....he was scared of the stethoscope but good as gold with the injection....he has come along way thanks to you Sarah!"