Saturday, April 10, 2010

10th April, 2010 Theoden goes out riding

Theoden's education is continuing steadily. Today he went out for a ride in the inclosure on a lead rein with Jenny on board. Next week we start off lead rein. Because he is eight, it made me think how hard it must be for a horse to work out what he is and isn't able and is and isn't allowed to do when he is being ridden. I found he was holding his breath and so, as the person on the ground, I began to breathe more deeply myself to give him the right idea. Today he sneezed for the first time and had a poo and a pee standing on his tippy-toes so that he didn't splash himself. I asked Jenny to bring her camera with her today and happily she also supplied husband Jim who is a great cameraman - he captured my new Forest girls looking for their feed and going back out later.