Thursday, April 8, 2010

8th April, 2010 Rock, apes but no flippers

No mud but no horses either. Gibraltar is tiny - just a huge, huge rock and lots of flat roofed buildings perched at the bottom on reclaimed land. It's good to have a rest but I couldn't live without horses around me and I'm not much of a shopper either. I wish I could strip away all the new buildings to see how this peninsula evolved - lots and lots of military history here. Sadly, we didn't see any dolphins at all when I went out on a boat yesterday. Still, I was able to wave at David in his mobile air traffic control container from a different angle.
We walked across the runway (they actually close the road to let aircraft land on Gibraltar) to Spain on our last evening and went to supper with 7 RAF technicians - eat your hearts out girls. Actually, no uniforms were involved and all of the them were just very personable, pleasant young men doing a great job. They're all off to Afghanistan this year and I feel sick just thinking about it.