Friday, April 16, 2010

16th April, 2010 Fern

And this wonderful filly is Fern, a cob cross New Forest pony with fabulous markings. Rachel asked me to help because Fern had initially been very friendly even when she was wild on the Forest but an unfortunate incident when she was transported from one field to another caused her to lose confidence in people. I used clicker to persuade her touch the pink scarf and then to allow me to touch her with it. Soon I had it held softly around her head. When I brought out the headcollar she was very pleased to find that it also seemed to produce clicker treats and from there I was able to start putting her headcollar on and taking it off again. It was then just a matter of teaching Rachel how to do it.
After days like this it is always a nuisance to be cancelled at very short notice for the next day (especially when Saturdays are very precious given that most people are only available at the weekends). I would never do that to anyone else without expecting to pay them. Once again I am having to consider having a formal cancellation policy and to ask for deposits before booking appointments. This is my business and not my hobby even if it does look like fun!