Wednesday, April 28, 2010

28th April, 2010 Sunny revisited

It's just two months since I went to see Sunny and the change in him is incredible. From the timid, one sided pony that was really ambivalent about whether he wanted to be with people, he has grown into a confident young man, much happier about people being around. He is good to catch, has his feet picked up and no longer bolts into the field. Jo has done a brilliant job despite grotty weather getting in the way. Today we took his education forward again with the dressing up kit. He wore the scarf, the flag - all over his body, accepted a plastic bag, a fly fringe, a poll guard, a surcingle and followed the umbrella and walked over the tarpaulin. He also accepted the needle-less syringe in exchange for clickered treats which should make the vet's job easier on Friday when he has his inoculations.

"Thank you for another wonderful day. I can't believe how amazing Sun was with everything - he is really growing up! I've really appreciated all your help and support - you really are great value for money - and you are so easy to learn from! Thanks again for a brilliant day,"
Jo and Sunny (definately the best Exmoor pony in the world) x x
"Sun was amazing with his vaccination - didn't bat an eye lid! And let the vet carry on scratching him after it was done!" Jo 30.4.10