Monday, April 12, 2010

12th April, 2010 Jack the teacher

Today Emily came over for a Horse Awareness Training Day, a present from her Aunt and Grandma. She particularly wanted to work on desensitisation techniques and Jack was keen to show off his clickered skills. He volunteered to go straight over the tarpaulin and then Emily worked on asking him to halt once on there. Afterwards she mock injected him with an empty worming syringe. Hopefully he might be able to have his teeth done under sedation some time soon. Emily works at a small riding school and has a great attitude around horses - my lot took to her immediately and worked really well for her.

"I really appreciate what you did with her today thank you for making it easy. It's clear she enjoyed herself and I'm sure will have got a lot from not only the techniques you shared with her but also the way you were with her and the way in which you encouraged her to think about her work. It certainly fulfilled my hopes for helping her to think about things and experience different approaches as well as have a good day out." J.O.