Thursday, April 22, 2010

22nd April, 2010 Phew!

Magic, Merlin and Maverick are all fine after their various castration operations. Magic and Merlin who are much much friendlier now, coped extremely well with a male vet walking up to them and giving them an intravenous sedative. He was very quiet and efficient and didn't ask to twitch them. Both of them toddled off into the field afterwards and even had a canter around. Maverick has come home with half a shaved bottom and some decorative purple stitches in his side. He loaded without hesitation to come home. Hopefully they will all recover well.
E-mail received about Maverick 6.5.10:
"The vet has just been out to take the stitches out. Everything is healing really well. He has got one more week left in a small paddock then he can go and play. He has been very well behaved while recuperating. "