Tuesday, August 17, 2010

17th August, 2010 Lend me your ears.....

This is Bladon, an eighteen year old gelding (by Carnaval Drum) that belongs to Gleaneagles Equestrian Centre. He has suffered from aural plaques and, as a result, is none too keen to have his bridle on. Today I was asked to do a demonstration for the Rider's Rally at the Centre and showed how I would begin to tackle this problem. By the end of the session he was beginning to lower his head on request even when I had got the bridle in my hands. In an ideal world, it would be good to work with him on a continuing basis, reinforcing each stage. Only then would I want to start putting the bridle on again. Not easy in a riding school where he is worked sometimes three times a day and has to have his bridle on each time.
I really like this riding school where the horses seemed very relaxed and the atmosphere was good. I received a warm welcome and was asked lots of good questions.