Tuesday, August 17, 2010

17th August, 2010 Patience is a virtue

My second horse at Gleneagles was a delightful mare called Patience. She is very worried about water and so it was somehow fitting that we worked in the rain. She's also nervous about other things too. For the first part of the session I worked on things with which I could touch her including the feather duster and a rosette (which she has always struggled to accept close to her). I then demonstrated how I would begin to work with her phobia about fly sprays and how clicker training might really help. After that, the umbrella and the tarpaulin were relatively easy although it took her a little while to build up the courage to walk over the latter - it was interesting to watch her work her way around it, touching it on all four sides before finally deciding she could step on to it.

"What a brilliant day, Sarah Weston Logical Horsemanship came to our yard and gave a most interesting demonstration, using Bladon and Patience, she was amazing. We all agreed we could have watched and listened to her all day." Gleneagles Manager - Karen Pike
"It was a wonderful demonstration - very inspiring and thought-provoking. Thanks to Karen for organising the session - can we have more?!!" Bronagh on Facebook