Tuesday, July 2, 2013

2nd July, 2013 Blue Hotel

It's been three years since Maverick was loaded and at that time he needed to go to the vets for a gelding operation as he was a rig. Like many owners that haven't got a suitable trailer, Nicki found it difficult to arrange for loading practice. Today we practised just asking Maverick to enter a small space and to manoeuvre within it.

Next we asked him to go into a small, horsebox shaped space with tarpaulins for the walls. This was quite noisy but then so is a horsebox when moving so really good preparation for him.

We wanted him to 'unload' quietly too.

This session took two hours and two minutes (including setting up and taking down time). The two minutes is how long it took Peechay (my New Forest pony Nell's two year old son) to 'load', stand and 'unload'. He literally takes everything in his stride.

It was lovely to see him looking so well, so tall, and so happy with Nicki.