Friday, July 5, 2013

5th July, 2013 She Said, There's Something in the Wood Shed

Much as I love working with other people when training horses, there are times when a girl needs to be alone with her boyfriend. I have thoroughly enjoyed quietly working with Nettles with no-one else around. He's fantastic company, wonderful to go for a walk with, does everything he is asked to do and does with such a smile on his little face. Today he had tack on for the very first time including five minutes with a bit in his mouth. I sat on him once with the saddle on and then took it off again too. We went out for a short-rein on the Forest and then when I reached a decent bank, I just got on him and rode him along one of the tracks towards home. The disadvantage to being alone is that I don't have any photos of this but it will be a moment I'll always treasure because he accepted it and off we went. When we got home I gave him a bath and then of course, he rolled.

Looking exquisite, lying down. He will be going home again in a week or so and I shall miss him so much.

Talking of missing, I couldn't find Indiana until I went into the shed. She was doing a tack inspection. I am going to have to have a tack cleaning fest some time soon!

These photos of me on Nettles were taken a couple of days before this. Just a brief sit on and a few steps to the left and then the right.