Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th July, 2013 Gimme Shelter

Why go over to the field shelter when you've got a handy wife? There seem to be more types of flies around here than there were in Guyana at the moment. Looks like we'll be riding in the evenings and leaving them in peace during the day for the next couple of weeks.

More foot work with Leah this morning. Her back feet wafting has been putting her owner off picking them up. Working on technique and repetition hadn't worked as well as hoped since she had developed a strategy to get people to go away which was working very well. Time to interrupt the pattern and get her to think about how to earn a clickered reward. I seem to have been doing more clicker work than anything else this week.

Email received: 15th July, 2013: "This definitely is a solution! She's been absolutely fantastic since! I even managed to bring her in by herself this morning and she wasn't worried about the others not being there for once! Too busy concentrating on the task at hand! Thank you so much!" CB