Tuesday, July 9, 2013

9th July, 2013 Travelling Light

Since Nettles is effectively packing his bags at the moment I thought I had better do some loading practice with him as the last time he went on the trailer was the day he came to me. That day we gently odged him on, uncertain step by uncertain step. Needless to say he was much more confident today, clattering on, backing off or turning round and then calmly unloading.

Early morning activity.

Have you got the camera ready?

Of course we could only do this when we'd evicted Indiana.

On the way back across the Forest I spotted the Woodgreen lot shooting the breeze at the top of Deadman's Hill. They include Wilfreda's foal and Pegley (proper name Rumball) both doing their Pilates.

Let's play dead! You'd be forgiven for thinking there had been a horrible massacre with so many of them lying absolutely flat out. At this time of year the Verderers get lots of calls to 'Dead Ponies' which are simply sunbathing.

Meanwhile the Godshill donkeys are waiting for the English Country Dancing to start...