Thursday, October 10, 2013

10th October, 2013 Cider with Rosie

This week's conflab about Theoden was with fellow IHRA, Rosie Jones. Rosie is a great rider and a great motivator of horses and I really valued her opinion. She was quick to ask if she could jump on him to see how he actually feels. The most obvious difference, save for the much longer legs, is that Rosie praises Theoden in a much more enthusiastic, enervating way whereas I have always used a calm and low voice. The net result of the latter approach seems to be that he interprets anything I say to him as a signal to slow down or stop. If you hear me going round the Forest whooping and hollering over the next few weeks it will be me trying out my new approach.

I had the very pleasant company of Kay this afternoon so we took Jack and Indiana out for a bit of fun in the woods.

 They weren't sure that trees should 'grow' sideways.

THAT wasn't there last time!!

That's another human taught to jump then...