Saturday, October 19, 2013

19th October, 2013 How Accomodating

Just organising my accommodation for the West Country Equine Fair and thought that I would be forced to spend the night in the awful Travelodge beside the M5. I contacted a local farm B and B on the off chance that they might just have a room available, thinking that it would be a long shot. Bear in mind that my emails all go off with details of this blog in the signature and this is the reply that I got!

"Thank you very much for your enquiry – and for encouraging me to sit here ‘wasting’ time, have just had a look at your lovely website – absolutely delicious, it’s not often I have the luxury of ‘time wasting’, but, oh, what a treat to read your blogs and look at the lovely photos! Yes, I do have a room available....." 

Morning Christine! Get on with some work.....!