Friday, October 18, 2013

18th October, 2013 Gone Adrift

I spotted the girls just in time to divert them from the drift this morning. This was one of the last drifts of the season but as the trailers clattered up the road and people gathered at the drift pens, the wild ponies could sense something in the atmosphere and were starting to swirl and mill about. Blue was not all that impressed about being brought in since she has been nannying someone else's yearling filly and of course she has nothing to fear from the drift itself - one quick haircut and she would have been out again. Still, I'd prefer her not to be chased about for no reason.

It seemed prudent to stay in with the riding horses as well so we set up a short course for them to negotiate with Indiana and Nettles in tow. Charly has a harder job on his hands than me as Petra and Nettles would quite like to kick each other or run away from one another and it must be like working with two rotating magnets.

Afterwards we both succumbed to the temptation to have a little sit on Nettles who feels very comfortable and relaxed.