Thursday, October 31, 2013

31st October, 2013 Praying for Rain?

In the old days, just after Theoden had well and truly bucked me off, I used to pray for rain whenever I was due to ride him. It meant I could justify not riding him and put off the adrenalin rush and anxiety I felt. It wasn't really a case of losing my nerve but of realising its limits. These days it may be Theoden who prays for rain as he is being ridden for 8 to 10 hours every week. We've got a series of regular riders for Petra including Charly and my landlord, Anthony. Anthony isn't quite ready for people to know that an ex-Verderer and a Commoner is riding around the New Forest on a Western Saddle with a woman who is into Equine Rights!

I'm also trying to keep Theoden going out and about with other horses. Today we met up with Theresa and Sally, with their horses Beau (and Sampson in tow) and Anna. We had a great ride all around Ringwood Forest.