Saturday, October 19, 2013

19th October, 2013 Sweet and Sour

Some fabulous work this morning from Coco who is now happily trotting on the long lines and just needs to find a softer halt. I was particularly pleased that his owner was able to take over from me.

"Really enjoyed the lesson today and so pleased with Coco's progress." CT

This afternoon's pony, Mimer, is an Irish Gypsy type cob who was weaned from his mother when he was just two months old. With hindsight this was not ideal but his new owner wants to do everything she can to make sure there are no long lasting effects. Many foals that are weaned before they have really learned all they can from their mothers and then may not have been socialised with other horses can become aggressive. Mimer certainly has a grumpy side but with some consistent and understandable ground rules he seemed much happier, leading nicely on a relaxed line without biting and fretting. It was great to see him switch from having his ears back a lot of the time to having them forward most of the time. In particular we worked on taking away all of the things that make him want to bite - confusion, being held too tight, playing with his nose and over-vigorous rubbing. With more freedom and a deeper slower touch as a reward he was soon looking to find those things.

"Thank you so much for yesterday and for the info.You have given me plenty to get on with and think about which is exactly what I needed. I found the short time we spent together very insightful and look forward to meeting with you again." BB