Monday, October 28, 2013

28th October, 2013 Amazoning Handling

These are just a few of the comments on the Amazon feedback page and it seems that my parcel handling skills are not too bad either....

The book is available through Amazon or direct from me at

In a couple of weeks, weather permitting, I will be filmed with Kelly Marks by Horse and Country TV handling a semi-feral New Forest foal called Lark. She is still out on the Forest at the moment with her mother, Mouse, and we just have to hope that the agister can find her in time. Mouse is friendly but I am told that the foal is pretty flighty. The good news is that the agister is going to bring them in gently and Lark will not be abruptly weaned as Mouse is coming in with her. Cross your fingers and hooves that we can find them and that it doesn't rain on filming day. We are also working with a pig phobic horse called Lily.