Saturday, November 1, 2014

1st November, 2014 How's It Going?

I love to hear how the horses and ponies I have met, and those that are being trained using No Fear, No Force as a guide, are going. People often send me photos and updates.

This is Magic at driving school

His owner told me, "Magic is doing really well and after a brief period of indignation he is thriving on the regular work and activity. He's looking great and just as importantly he's clearly a happy little man." JM

This adorable pair of cobs were recently bought unhandled by a lady who is working with No Fear, No Force in one hand and the feather duster in the other. "Its been amazing how quickly they're coming on. I can touch Rosie with my hand now and she says being rubbed with the duster is lovely, its not at all frightening and the whole thing is old hat now really. Daisy is still slower, she'll now let me rub her with the duster but she isn't sure its nice yet. She says its still a bit worrying but at least she'll let me. I'd like her to like it." CM

If you have used a copy of No Fear, No Force to train your pony or I have worked with your horse or pony, please let me know how you are getting on and send me a picture to