Saturday, November 1, 2014

1st November, 2014 Really Saying Something

We were literally hacked off this morning when our plans to go out riding with Imy and Kiki were stymied because the Opening Meet of the New Forest Hounds was being held at Janesmoor and all around Fritham. As an alternative we set up the Horse Agility obstacles to give Kiki something to do before he was loaded to go home. When he arrived he was quite excited but he took all of the obstacles in his stride.

To see the video of Kiki's round: Kiki the Movie

Loading practice for Pete and Wanda, Imy's parents. We had my stock trailer right next to their single horse trailer so my ponies had a go in each and so did they.

Kiki still protests about being asked to go into his own trailer and so it was suggested that we might try him in mine. He objected for a minute or two and then started to go in and out time and time again without rearing or backing up. This just shows that if your horse doesn't seem to like his own style of trailer it is worth experimenting with another. I loaned Pete and Wanda my trailer to travel him home and they were able to observe how well he travelled on the camera.

"Thank you for these and all your help and patience today." WR
Natalie, next door, has some beautiful New Forest ponies and they watched the session with interest.

When the Hunt came by we saw that there was a massive field. They were clearly having a lovely time in the brilliant weather and the Master said that this was the first time they had ever stopped for an ice-cream half way through an Opening Meet. Whatever your views on hunting they were all beautifully turned out and the horses as fit as fleas.

Last stop of the week was at Lorraine's. Evie has been on her medication for ulcers for two weeks and the vet has advised that she should return to all duties to see how she feels. Today Lorraine wanted to ride her for the first time since she arrived and asked for my support and assistance. Evie's long reining is great now although she can be difficult to put up into trot...

... just a bit more energy required and this can be pared down again once the transition is established.

Getting on  board and taking just as much care as if she were a starter.

"Thanks for all your help today. Really pleased with Evie today, so hopefully we can just carry on and improve." LD
All in all it has been a superb week and I have enjoyed every minute of it.