Saturday, November 22, 2014

22nd November, 2014 Oh Kestrel (and) Manoeuvres in the Dark

One of the bonuses of working with Kestrel on a Saturday is that I also get to work with his owner, Yvonne. I find most owners are very happy to get involved with the work that I do and realise that it is a vital part of the training. I get to push the empty buggy and just take over if Kestrel's adrenalin lifts to a level that Yvonne is not yet comfortable with.

Since she was the one with the long boots, it was obvious that Yvonne needed to do all the wading.

Another visit to Lenki where we are consolidating the work on enclosing him inside the horsebox. He is still worried, notice the white around his eye, but getting better all of the time. His owner is now happily doing all of the loading work and just relies on me to close various doors and keep an eye on timings. We need two pairs of hands to do everything smoothly and safely.

Perhaps Lenki's fears relate to him thinking that the horsebox is a magic box and that there may be a little puff! and he'll be turned into a white cat.