Friday, November 28, 2014

28th November, 2014 Cause for Celebration

At the back of Beaulieu Road Sales yard, near to the toilets, there's a little group of pens where the misfits sometimes turn up. Older horses that are not purebred New Forest, sometimes gypsy cobs, sometimes Throughbredy.Yesterday there was one chap, clearly stressed, eating his way through the wood of the pen. I wondered how he came to be there and what would become of him.

Well! If ever a horse has fallen on his feet! Here he is a few hours later, rugged up to the nines and full of good food with a look in his eye that says, "Yes!!!"

Bought for the princely sum of one hundred and sixty guineas, 10 year old, 16.3 brown riding horse Mr Darcy now belongs to Bryony and she is as pleased as a please thing with him. Today he has got the farrier coming and he is being wormed and fed some more.