Saturday, April 16, 2016

16th April, 2016 The In or Out Referendum

As well as a real opportunity to discuss the pluses and minuses of an in or out decision in the European Referendum, our long-reining session this morning gave us the opportunity to discuss the in or our position of the handler at the front of a horse being taught to long rein. For nervous horses it helps to have the leader and the 'driver' on the same side at first but, when turns are incorporated this can leave the leader against the rails which can make the leader more vulnerable. It's by thinking ahead, and quietly considering the implications of every move, that mistakes and accidents can be avoided.

Chris and Kerry work very well together - always polite to one another and without ego. It's a great combination. Their different natural energy levels have different advantages. Chris has a very quiet energy which results in Petra relaxing more and carrying herself better but sometimes struggles to motivate her to go forwards. Kerry is more assertive which results in Petra being less relaxed but going forward more consistently.

Chris and Kerry's last session was very relaxing, taking Jack out on to the Forest for a lovely stroll. We may have been wading though mud but at least we weren't drenched today.
"As before, a super day and a half with you. Many, many thanks for all the help, information, advice and hands on training. We are definitely getting better and so will our ponies as they ultimately benefit from our training with you. Thanks to Petra and Theoden for being such patient participants and to Henrietta for providing the entertainment! The New Forest is just beautiful!" KH