Wednesday, June 14, 2017

15th June, 2017 Casterbridge

Last trip to Dorchester for the day, yesterday, to help Jane with her PRE, Tia, a horse I first met four years ago.

First I had to make sure that the rest of the family had been fed - actually I just said, me, me, me as soon as I saw Mike take the bottles down to the lambs.

We did three separate sessions with Tia who has had a bit of time off work - leading her out...

...and doing some mounting work.

We had a very colourful audience...

Dory, the Dartmoor cross pony is particularly delightful.

and twenty-seven year old, Lipizzaner, Easter looks amazing for her age.

Meanwhile, Tracey was on foal watching duties and almost had a heart attack when she couldn't find any of the ponies. They were sardined in to the field shelter but quite happy away from the flies.

The sun was definitely out...