Wednesday, June 28, 2017

28th June, 2017 Broadening my Horizons

Well over ten years ago I did a demonstration for Wilton RDA bringing in £1,000 for the charity. It felt very apt to be back with the Riding for the Disabled today, this time at Broadlands, giving a demonstration for forty coaches from across Hampshire.
Of course, the horses and ponies they use at Broadlands, a selection of cobs and native ponies, have extra specially kind temperaments and provide a fabulous and therapeutic experience for the children and adults who come to meet and ride them.

Not only that, but the staff and volunteers at Broadlands are a real asset; Suzanne, Jacky, Kit and Adina, to name just four. The horses were beautifully turned out and it was clear that close attention is paid to their physical needs and to make sure that their lives are enriched by a variety of work and rest.

R to L and clockwise: George, Roz, Bracken and Merlin

The stars of our show...

Forty Coaches for the RDA
Always happy with a horse under my arm
Bracken and Adina
And that's why she is a brilliant RDA pony...
Not so sure about the tarpaulin...

How about a ginger biscuit?