Friday, June 23, 2017

23rd June, 2017 Lock Down

Jack, the Welsh cob cross New Forest pony continues to do well with his training. His owner has been remarkable in her accuracy and tenacity as this series of photos shows...
Incorrect, click, click, treat

Correct, click, click, treat.

Suzzanne is going to practise this for the next week...

...with a view to being able to do more of this.
It is lovely to see some of the iconic, purebred, registered, New Forest...oh wait, not quite! horses out on the Forest. I am not sure of the breeding of the first, but the second looks like an Ardennes! For clarification, anyone with Commoning rights can turn any breed of mare out, but the stallions have to be pure-bred, registered, inspected and approved.

This is the hardest part of having Juma out on the Forest. At just a fortnight old he is up against traffic that makes no allowance for him, drivers that do not appreciate that he has little or no road sense. I held my breath as these cars went past him and thanked goodness for the precious thread that still holds between him and his mother. He did cross the road at one stage and still the cars sped by while he is clearly separated from his mother. My friend Jo Scott commented that I had must have steel as well as love in my bones.

Although I haven't got a formal diagnosis for Zoe and Zelda as yet, they seemed very bright and happy when I saw the yesterday, day two, albeit that they both had runny noses. The discharge is clear and running freely and they are not coughing. None of the other horses are affected so far.

Day one: things are a little gungy.
In other news...Moon is now accepting food from the hand! Karen has persevered as quietly and sensitively as ever, lying on the floor with food in her hand to see if Moon might approach. She's now achieved a sitting up position.