Saturday, June 3, 2017

3rd June, 2017 Moving On

I was delighted to be able to get on Théoden again this morning for the first time in nine months. We didn't go very far but he feels perfectly sound.

I was lucky to have the company of Julie, who is now immersed in a university course, to help me with this and Zoe and Zelda. They were tied up outside for the first time since they came back to me and seemed very relaxed about it.

Over the last couple of days I have introduced both ponies to long reining, something I never imagined we'd get round to in their very first week. They were totally unfazed about the two reins. We have two things to work on - accepting direction, and learning a cue, since both ponies are a bit immune to body language and have been left to their own devices for a while.


Zelda in particular is completely distracted at the moment by her own hormones. She fails to realise that Bella is a mare, and her sister, and is ever hopeful that they can get jiggy with each other! Accordingly, it was much easier to work in that area of the field today where I can engage with her yeses and her maybes, rather than an outright 'no'!

Yes, well, that's novel