Thursday, June 8, 2017

8th June, 2017 Pink Grapefruit

My final 'new' horse before I stop doing general horse training in favour of specialising in wild ponies (more details soon). Jack the New Forest cross Welsh Cob has a real aversion to being mounted although he is absolutely fine once a rider is on board. In the pouring rain we worked on achieving a straight halt next to the mounting block, rewarding him with clickered treats for doing so. We have another session booked for next week.

During a break, Jack showed us what he thought of the mounting block, amusingly knocking it over in disgust. His owner is going to get a taller one so that he is never pulled when she gets on at home.

Zoe and Zelda also worked in the rain, tackling a few poles and cones in order to improve their steering and acceptance of direction. They are learning to work together and apart.

 Meanwhile, Juma has been getting wet and causing me to worry. However he has plenty of natural cover, lots of energy and bags of warm milk to drink. At the moment he is the colour of pink grapefruit.