Sunday, June 18, 2017

18th June, 2017 Rubik's Cube

Every so often we have to re-jig the fields to take into account everyones' dietary, emotional and safety needs. Zoe and Zelda need to be kept away from the temptation of the stallions over the fence, new Jack needs to at least be watched if he is going to be next to Théoden who has never been fond of young upstarts, Henrietta needs her feet (and her tummy) worn down, and my Jack-Jack is getting too fat. Fortunately the fields are set up so that we can usually move them without having to catch each and every one of them.

Such changes cause great excitement as the horses meet and greet each other, and go through their emergency drill.

Some are more calm and collected than others...

Zoe and Zelda worked well in the draining heat yesterday, tolerating horrible insects which we tried to swish away with their reins. We long reined them side by side in preparation for their possible driving career as a pair.