Wednesday, June 21, 2017

21st June, 2017 Hiding Nothing

Got to the fields this morning to find that Zoe and Zelda both had runny noses. The vet has been and taken swabs and we will find out what it is very quickly. Nothing is confirmed or unconfirmed at this stage but in the spirit of openness I will keep you informed. My New Forest ponies had no contact with these two before they were turned out so there should be no concern there. However these ponies have been in contact with our riding horses and Jack and Jack-Jack. As a precaution, because of the long incubation period for a number of infections that may be behind these symptoms, I AM CANCELLING THE END OF AN ERA PONY PARTY which is upsetting but sensible I think. I shall also close the fields to outside horses and visitors for a couple of weeks until Zelda and Zoe have gone home and I know for definite that my horses are symptom-free. I hope you will appreciate that I am being open and will hide nothing and that this will avoid the need for rumours or speculation. Talk to me first!!!