Thursday, April 18, 2013

18th April, 2013 Heathens

It's Thursday so it must be time for the heathens again, my new name for the two heather coloured ponies, Bluebell and Jessica. Very difficult to pick them out in photos in this relentless winter that has now gone on for a full seven months. Still we managed to not get wet although we did nearly get blown off course.

For the first time since I left the Courts, when I could almost tell the day of the week from which court I was rota'd to do, I have a bit of a routine going. Mondays and Thursdays are Charly days when we work with the starters, Wednesday will be a Pat day when she comes to ride Petra in the afternoons, Friday is Karen day although she has swanned off to America for three weeks, and Saturday will usually be Julie day. Now that I have three regular riders for Petra, we've got Chancer back in to work too. He wasn't too sure about accepting a rider after more than a year off (due to a sarcoid and a husband who frankly doesn't enjoy riding) but when I put Charly on board he asked me whether I had put a rider on yet! Must take him back to his racehorse days.