Saturday, April 20, 2013

20th April, 2013 Cuthbert is Lush

This is a direct quote from a young member of the audience at HorseWorld today where Cuthbert, Kayleigh and I did a demonstration at the Visitor Centre. Cuthbert came into HorseWorld as a stallion two years ago as a result of a seizure and then prosecution involving cruelty and neglect to a number of horses. Now six, he was gelded early in the New Year once he was signed over to the Charity. Although he had had some training before, work could only recently start in earnest and today he was long reined and then ridden for only the second time in his life.

Cuthbert happily follows me around the round pen in a game of 'Find the sixpence'. He clearly likes being with people. Then a little long reining before Kayleigh leans over him and then gets on board.

Once on board, Kayleigh keeps low and soft until we are certain that he is comfortable with her presence, and then she starts to sit up more before going off the lead rein and even having their first trot.

Short and sweet, we both say thank you very much before she gets off and immediately un-tacks him. Once trained, Cuthbert will be looking for a new loan home. He's a very agile horse and would make a lovely Riding Club horse with the ability to compete in any sphere.