Monday, April 22, 2013

22nd April, 2013 Environmental Health

Like a lot of horses and ponies, Bluebell can't really see the point of working in her own field particularly as the grass is starting to grow. She is much more contented out on her Forest although she would prefer to be in control of speed, direction and destination. Now that she is no longer agog at everything she sees and hears we can use this environment to train her. The dragons teeth are ideal for introducing bend and steering and then there's gorse bushes which provide a useful target for riding with purpose and change of direction.

We are working in a similar way with Jessica. Today she was asked to walk over a log about 10 inches high. She did the most amazing cat-leap of about 3 foot 6 inches and then instead of panicking she just stood still and said "I meant to do that!" Charly looked a little surprised but was unscathed.