Tuesday, April 9, 2013

9th April, 2013 The Rewa Project - Mr Tickle Waves Goodbye

While we were out in Guyana we visited the school in Rewa, an Amerindian village in the middle of the interior which can only be accessed by river. The children in the school had very few books available to read, either for fun or in general subjects. I am now collecting second hand books in good condition which I will pay to send out there. Thanks to the wonderful gift of 10 kilograms weight in books, I am in a position to send the very first parcel this week and I will wait with baited breath to see whether it does arrive at it's intended destination. The postal service has a very poor reputation so I'm trying to arrange careful supervision as they go. Luckily the company we went on tour with have offered to see them onto the internal flight.

Here are some of the gorgeous children from the school. Guyana is an English speaking cuntry. If you'd like to read more about Guyana, I can completely recommend the book "Wild Coast" by John Gimlette, it's such a great description of the place and hysterically funny at times.