Saturday, April 20, 2013

20th April, 2013 The New Intake

The pressure on all horse charities is immense at the moment and some, like HorseWorld, are having to limit their intake to rescue cases and prosecution cases only. There are no shortage of these and for every horse that leaves HorseWorld having been rehabilitated and re-homed there are far more waiting at the door. These are difficult pictures but sadly representative of what the staff at HorseWorld face every day.

This Thoroughbred type mare was brought in a few weeks ago severely underweight and with an advancing skin condition and hind limb lameness. Despite all that, she is pleased to see everyone who visits her and is making a slow recovery.

Patience on the other hand doesn't really see the point in people and was reluctant to be approached. Probably around four years of age, she is enjoying having grass to eat and regular small hard feeds. No doubt she will come round, fill out and start to see the good in people in time.

Rusty is absolutely terrified of people. Probably four yours old, she spins like a top if anyone gets too close and throws herself on the floor. She will take hours of work but hopefully clicker training and her interest in feed will provide a solid short cut.

This little mare came in at the same time and is clearly due to give birth at any time. Luckily she is a little bit friendlier so there is hope of someone being able to help her if she gets into difficulties foaling.

The very latest arrival came in utero and as a result has never encountered any unkindness. Just two days old she is already investigating people and coming so close that it is difficult to take a picture of her looking less like a fish!