Sunday, April 21, 2013

21st April, 2013 Redundancy

I am just about to become redundant where Benji is concerned and it won't be long before Sian and Coco don't need me either. Hilary has continued with the ear work which I started with Benji, teaching him to have his ears gently folded forward so that they can be 'posted' into his bridle between the crown piece and the browband.

This is so much better than him rushing around the stable shaking his head from side to side. 

This morning saw an incredible change in Coco who seems to have suddenly become a real riding horse. Not only was she happy to go on ahead, leaving her companion Rosie to wander on behind, but she was trotting here and there too. Considering that it is only three weeks since I came back off holiday and only her third ride out on the Forest in that time, we were all really pleased with her progress.