Tuesday, April 30, 2013

30th April, 2013 Perfect Pleasure

I met a wonderful pony called Enzo this morning who has come to his owner through the RSPCA. Little is known of his early life although he had been neglected. He is now back to full health and the great news is that he doesn't seem to have been mentally traumatised at all. In the six weeks that he has been with his new owner who has been relying on Kelly Mark's Perfect Manners book he has made magnificent progress and is well on his way towards pre-starting work.

Today we worked on touch as there are some things he still wants to protect, including his mane, poll and ears. The use of a deep slow pressure with the dandy brush soon brought him around to having his hair done and then I used a circular massage technique behind his ears which he seemed to enjoy. After that we worked on groundwork and puddle paddling out on the Forest.

For some weeks I have been thinking that Sampson would benefit from more playtime with horses that are of a similar age and energy level to him. Today we were able to turn him in with a bunch of two year old New Forest ponies. Hopefully he will enjoy having a month off and it will save us thinking up new ideas to keep him entertained and avoid us doing too much too soon.

From Enzo's owner this evening:

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with you this morning, and now feel that you have given me the tools to start moving forward with Enzo. Your work today with us has made me realise that I was on the right track, but as you say needed fine tuning and other ways to deals with problems that arise.  One of the things you have done is to help me believe in myself, and what I can achieve with Enzo. I am going to work on all the areas we looked at today, and generally have fun doing it!  He is an inquisitive chap, does seem to want to please and I think enjoys getting out and about, seeing and doing new things.  Thank you for coming out today and taking the time to go through so much with us.  It was great not to feel like we had to rush things in order to complete everything within the allocated time, and that makes such a difference and is a real credit to your way of working." GM