Monday, April 1, 2013

1st April, 2013 Close Encounters

This black curassow called George is a regular visitor at Atta Lodge, calling in for breakfast most mornings with his wife, Susan.

The armadillo had the fright of his life when he bumped into David's feet, looked up and realised that the tree was white with blue eyes.  Too close to photograph, we only got this back view as he rushed off.

We watched this male tapir for a good ten minutes and he gradually got closer and closer. Renowned for being aggressive when cornered, our guide was clearly worried because he hid behind me! I slipped a bit of gravel into my empty water bottle and shook it once to get the tapir to turn and go away.

Billy the Bird is a pet at Rockview Lodge where he cuckolds the cockerel and attacks visitors' shoe laces.

The anteater was an extraordinary looking creature. Quite quite beautiful and so wonderfully adapted to his environment. When he wants to go to sleep he simply covers his body with his bushy tail and is very rarely spotted.

Caiman are very common in Guyana and lurk only feet away from jetties and boats!