Thursday, April 4, 2013

4th April, 2013 Coarse Fishing

The chap in this photograph had spent six days trying to catch a big fish without any success. This pond is teeming with big fish. Quite apart from the fact that he was trying to catch big fish which eat little fish with a fly, he was loud, and despite his camouflage very very obvious. The Amerindians on the other hand were naturally quiet and stealthy, traditionally living on hunted fish and meat for their subsistence living - they make great animal spotters. However, their very stealthiness, the fact that they are genuine predators, meant that the animals were extremely wary and we got a lot of back views as the animals hurried away.

Prey animals are highly tuned to the energy and intent of predators and this includes us. Our voice levels give away our energy. To get the best relationship with a horse we need to be low and slow, not quick and loud so that the horse is neither frightened nor tuning out. Why would a horse bother trying to communicate his feelings to someone who is so loud and so energetic that he can't get a 'word' in edgeways.