Tuesday, April 9, 2013

9th April, 2013 You can call me Betty...

I was called out to two delightful ponies today, Betty and Honey. Both five years old, they were born wild on Dartmoor in Betty's case and Honey on the New Forest. Normally polite and friendly, both are awkward about having their feet picked up. Betty was reasonably easy to get around once she realised that backing up and circling weren't going to either get rid of me or result in a battle. Honey was more inclined to kick out so it was out with the walking stick to establish early touch and picking up the foot. 

This was yet another grand and happy reunion since I actually halter trained Honey when she was just a foal four years ago. 

"Thank you so much for Tuesday, we both got so much out of it and don't feel so lost any more. We have both read your blog and loved it. Will let you know how things go and see you again at some point."TM