Saturday, August 16, 2014

16th August, 2014 Bryn More

Seconds out for another busy day.  We played let's distract the pony with Bryn this morning and found that he is much less easily distracted if he is already distracted by work. We had him going over, through and round various obstacles including the L-shaped poles and a stop box whilst other horses came and went including the dressage horse in the arena behind.

Then it was out on to the road to start to extend his internal map...

...before Julie and then his owner, Alan, leaned over him. Hopefully we will be re-starting him at the end of next week if all continues to go well.

"It was a truly lovely day and one we did not expect to reach so soon. Thank you team Weston xx" HR

Then off to Penn Common where we passed one of the mules that frequents that area. She is a lovely colour but very shy. 

We'd been called out to young geldings Kesali and Copper with a view to putting together a plan for starting them early next year. Having worked with Jackie before I knew their groundwork was all in place and so we took them out for a walk in hand to see how that translated to the open Forest.

It all went really well and they were unfazed by all sorts of animals and even this huge tractor. We had a little work to to do on their leading but there were plenty of us to take it in turns and soon it was all very easy and companionable.

"Thank you so much for today. It was so helpful and a timely reminder of so much that I had forgotten. I think the boys and I and indeed Charley are all going to benefit from today's session."JH

I could have brought this one home...