Saturday, August 2, 2014

2nd August, 2014 Tagalongs

Julie tagged along with me this morning when I went off to see Bryn. The groundwork I did just a few weeks ago has been an enormous success and now his owner, Heather, is much happier being around him and described him as a gentleman for the farrier.

We moved straight on to desensitisation techniques in order to build up his confidence. He's pretty good with new things but is a little concerned about things coming up behind him and groups of people. He liked it when things were predictable and when he could chase something or indeed stomp on it. Lovely pony and a typically sensitive Welsh Cob.

"Thanks Sarah for another fab visit. Bryn was behaving like he had drunk expresso coffee for the rest of the morning. So excited and pleased with himself. Then fell sound asleep. How fortunate we feel to have found you Julie and Tracy and Bryn. Can't wait for saturday xx" HR

Back on home turf the Tagalongs, as they called themselves, Pete and Wanda came up for a ground skills course with myself and Julie. Their daughter has a very sensitive pony and they are keen to make sure that they can handle him and generally support her. We left Immy and her sister in charge of the camera and got a very interesting angle on things.

Jack was happy to give a little jumping display but it did wear him out a bit...