Sunday, August 31, 2014

31st August, 2014 Demolition Time

An interesting interpretation of the words "Day Off". David and I began to empty the ancient shed which needs to be demolished pending the arrival of the brand new BIG shed. We won't know ourselves when we have somewhere to store all of the winter hay, park the trailer and to have a dry corner where we can sit and relax. We might not have the poshest facilities but we have the best riding country, training ground and peace and quiet.

United Colours of New Forest Ponies in the field all interacting with each other when they weren't trying to unnterfere with what we were doing.

Came home to a lovely email from April's owner. April has now been turned out with other horses for the first time since she was a yearling. Horses need the company of others in order to be truly happy. April is top left.