Monday, August 11, 2014

11th August, 2014 What Gets Your Goat?

With Lorraine's children at Senior Camp, we've taken advantage of their vacant stables and field to take Theoden and Petra down there for our own adult camp. I doubt that our grooming and tack cleaning will be on the same level without the motivation of a District Commissioner.

The horses' new neighbours are goats, Houdini and Capuccino. More things to tick off in their I-Spy book of farm animals.

Donkeys in this afternoon's downpour said they didn't want to be donkeys anymore. They don't cope with the wet anywhere near as well as horses.

After a very sensible walk with the two three year olds, we let Indy and Bella off their lead reins to come back through the inclosure. Bella ran about with her mouth full and Indy chose her own Christmas tree. Hope it's still there in December.