Thursday, August 21, 2014

21st August, 2014 Take It To The Bridge

A couple of weeks ago Izzy was apparently frightened by a van coming down the drive to her yard and ran back on her own. Today we spend a good long time at the gate watching the traffic go by including two big white vans. Hopefully we have made a good in road into her fear.Thank you to the driver of the DPD van CJ13 NDE who slowed down beautifully in both directions.

A gorgeous girl like this always draws a crowd and she enjoys socialising with herds of people.

Today was also her third session of long reining and today she was really super. She wasn't going to put a foot on the tarpaulin at first but once we made it biggers she was happy to stomp all over it.

Bryn's long reining is going equally well. He moved up into trot today and did a little circling work. He wa steady and sensible.

Later he too went out on the roads and coped well with the white van. He is absolutely inured to the trains that hurtle up and down the line next to the yard, even when they go over his head on the bridge.