Wednesday, August 27, 2014

27th August, 2014 The Girl with the Little Curl

I discovered something about my waterproof coat yesterday. It isn't - well not in torrential driving rain. I was riding out with Anthony, my horses' landlord and I was riding borrowed steed, Rosie. She's a real Hampshire Cob and just keeps going no matter what the weather does.

Just scattered showers today during our two sessions in Dorchester. It was great to meet up with Tia again and her owner, Jane. Tia went off to fellow IHRA Tim and Shirley Piper's to be started. Now home again she is going out and about around her own village and just struggling with her confidence from time to time as young horses do. Today we are installing a new Tiasoft programme, introducing clickered halts. Version 1 is all done in hand and includes two main components - a cue to halt and a cue to take her head away a little rather than volunteering to fetch the food herself. As usual she has that superfast Iberian broadband speed and was up and running, or rather down and standing, very very quickly.


Our second session was with Dartmoor Pony, Poppy (sadly no pictures as she lives at the top of a hill and I couldn't persuade Tracey to run down and get it). Poppy is having a few misgivings about being caught because she wants to avoid having her grazing muzzle put on. It makes sense from her point of view to put it off for as long as possible.