Wednesday, August 20, 2014

20th August, 2014 Clever Clogs

A promising skyline. Certainly enough blue to make a pair of sailor's trousers. 
After a busy morning it was great to have a very relaxing and fascinating session with Vicky and her Dutch Gelderlander, Clogs. Using a combination of food treats, pressure and release and Parelli type techniques Vicky has achieved so much on her own with this horse and to see such a big guy working so elegantly and willingly was a real treat. Our session today was about how we can mix and match our experiences so that we can find even more for Clogs to do. They key points that came out of the session was the need for clarity and consistency, simplicity rather than complexity and how to see how low we can go in terms of the cues and body language that we use. 

After all of that I had to have a sit down...