Friday, August 8, 2014

8th August, 2014 This is the Plan

When it comes to preparing a horse for starting or bringing him back into work this is the framework that I always have a the back of my mind. Owners may need assistance with all of these stages or just specific sessions on different areas of work. You'll see that there is no set time frame because the stages may overlap or extend depending on the needs of the horse. The underlying theme principle should be establish, consolidate and then incorporate.

Many of the horses I am working with are at different stages of this overall plan, some are already in ridden work and if this going reasonably well, I would always advocate keeping the ridden work going so that you don't lose the principle of it. Many of the ridden horses I am asked to go and see have missed out huge chinks of this plan during their initial education - things like having their back checked or their saddle fitted properly, never being introduced to new and novel items in a logical way. It's always possible and relatively simple to go back and fill in the gaps and all horses benefit from it.