Thursday, December 11, 2014

11th December, 2014 Loositanas

With Imy off from school for a bit of work experience, we thought we would go out to play instead. It's good confidence training for the two youngsters and Jack always loves going out for a spin.

Headcollars back on when we are out on the open Forest.

Then a bit of orienteering through the next inclosure.

There's a fabulous ramp in this inclosure and the ponies can jump on and off it.

For the afternoon we were back down at Ipley and met this trotting horse on the way. Not so sure about that head position.

Lenki is now willing to stand quietly on his own shut up in the lorry for fifteen minutes or more and we very much hope to take him on a short journey on the next occasion. His owner is keen to go at Lenki's pace so we will see how he is.

Thank you so much for allowing Imy to come out with you today, and for inspiring her this year with her equine passion!" WR